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Madison's post, 12 May 2017

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I learned that elephant seals they thought they were ecstatic but then they found 10to100 more.And I learned that the baby Waugh 60 to 80 pounds .I learned that they can stay under water for 30to40 minutes.Wen they go on land they can not ent because they want to save there Ingres .I learned that they Oley have one baby a year.I like wen she should use the male fighting.

Madison's post, 18 April 2017

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Recycling is a way to renew trash so we can use it more and it can become a different thing.Way it is important because for our environment and for our bodies and our breathing.

Niagara , 23 March 2017

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My favorite part was when he told us about the stunts that were don there and showing us a view of Niagra fules .I learned these two things that Niagra fules is 350 yards log And my other things was the water is from lake erey .Dering the skip was farey interesting.

#ArcticLive, 10 March 2017

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Today we Skyped with Nick in the Arctic .It was fascinating to me .My question was ware do you sleep? He said he sometime sleeps in a tent and he has to ware a lot of sleeping bags and jackets. Then he said that sometimes he sleeps in the cabin like things.Sume of those thing have 4 beds in one room.But in there rooms ench person gets thar one room.That was new learning.And I learned that they...

Madison's post, 08 February 2017

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Yesterday we took a verchrol field trip to shouts Mexico.It was a great experience to me .I learned a lot of cool stuff.Some of the cool stuff is in cenote there is line ston it desolvesin the water and it opens holes.Then we went to the cenote and I learned a lot a bot it.And I learned that stalagmite is on the ground on caves and stalactite on the celling.And I learned that the...

Madison's post, 31 January 2017

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Joshua Tree National park 

What I learned is that Iney mammals shed there fur in the summer so they can stay cool and in the wanter there fur gross again so they can stay worm .Notenol anmals are much safer because most of the anmals are sleeping so they do not get enten .that is what I learned.

Madison's post, 26 January 2017

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NOne day on a story night a little girl was looking out the window and Sall her faVorite tree .She wanted to climb on it but it was raining, so all she could do is remember when she was just a little girl and the day it was planted, By the next morning she saw the tree was gone and she wanted ont said.Then she Sall the tree and talked to it and it was nice.the end....

Madison's post, 20 January 2017

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I think Donald Trump is going to be a good president because believe in God and he said that he has a;groth mindset to build up America again.

Madison's post, 08 December 2016

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The water process inspired me to do something if people are still dieing ont Thayer from drtey water.what that something is to make a poster that sea help the people that are dieing ont thar.


Madison's post, 30 November 2016

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What is Christmas about 

Do you now what Christmas is about?i will tell you what it is about.It could be about beliefs because it was the day that of Jesus birth Marley had Jesus . And some Christi