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Niagara Falls, 23 March 2017

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My favorite thing during the skype was seeing Niagra Falls.

I learned these two things,that in one day there is about 6,000,000 bathtubs filled up. That is about how much water flows over Niagra Falls a day. That people have walked across a rope line acros Niagra Falls.

#ArcticLive, 10 March 2017

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Today I skyped with Nick- the research manager and digital explorers is the person and people that teach us this and this is what I learned.

They sleep at there base station and they sleep in special rooms and some times in there rooms it get to hot in there rooms. He has been in danger before and one time he allmost fell of a cliff but the ice and snow stopped him from faling. You do ...

Violet's post, 08 March 2017

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1.The marker is 4 3/4 inches

2. The sicors are 5 1/4 inches 

3. The shades are 5 1/4 inches 

How I found that out is because I saw that the sicors and shades we’re really close to the 5 but was not on it it 5 1/4 inches because it was not on the 5 it a quarter away from the 5.

Violet's post, 08 February 2017

Violet 0 Comment(s) Hour of Empower

I did a virtual field trip yesterday. It was fun, exploring, and I got a lot of schema. Every thing I learned was really important. Some schema I can tell you, well here you go. There are three tipes of cenotes open cenotes, closed cenotes, and semi closed cenotes. Most of the open cenotes are closer to sothern Mexico. Some of the salt water fish come into cenotes, they come into ...

Violet's post, 31 January 2017

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The Joshua Tree National park have a lot of animals. You want to know some here you go. Some of the animals are tortoises, coyote, buffalo. One of the plants are the Joshua tree. Inside the Joshua tree it is like a sponge. There are huge boulders there and earthquakes there.

Violet's post, 27 January 2017

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Once aponn a time there was a princes she was living a nice, beautiful, peaceful and personal life until one she and her kingdom got ataked by a drogon they did there best to fight of the dragon but the people did not win. There was two more dragons from the good one from the bad they fight and they fight. THE GOOD ONE WON!!!!!!!!

Violet's post, 20 January 2017

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I think Donald trump is going to help our world and I think that he gave a good and helpful speech ...

Violet's post, 16 December 2016

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So I started panting and all I hade to do was pant the hole thing blue then we had to let that drie and we let that drie. Then we used chalk and sketched the snow man out. Then we started to pant in the snowman with white pant. Then we let that drie and then we started to pant the snowman and decorate the hole thing and that is how we did ...

Violet's post, 08 December 2016

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The water princes inspires me to help people when they need it. Like buying water or food or clothes for poor people. 

Violet's post, 15 November 2016

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I think Peter dad would have lived in war and that pax,petter,Bristil,and runt would go back to peters house and live a happy life.