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Niagara Falls post, 23 March 2017

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Niagara Falls

Wen I sciped with a person in Canada he was teaching us about Niagara Falls. He said that the Horse shoe is 13 stores toll. My most interesting wus that Some movies were filmed thar. Tow ting I leaned wus the Horseshoe is 13 stories and some one fell in the Horseshoe.

#ArcticLive, 10 March 2017

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To day i do a skyped with a man named Nick. Me and my class read about the Arctic. The frist ting me and my class lread that it is really cold, so they wear a lot of socks, jacuts, shirts, pats and hats to stay warm. They sleep in a room that is really warm in ther room 4 to 6 people in a room so it is petty crowded. They care a riful so if a poler bare aurack them they can shoot ...

Pedro's post, 08 March 2017

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The waterbotl is 8 1/4 incise and the shripinder is 3/4 ceter  the araser is 2 incise. The waterbotl was ole 1/4 aura from ancient. The shrpider was Oslo near the incident ole 2/4 aura from one incident ...

Pedro's post, 13 February 2017

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Yellow Nashville park is amazing the animals land water.The animals are amazing the bars wofs i tinck the most amazing animal is the bar it has tick far. The land is amazing the Gisele mud putl and hot water.

Pedro's post, 07 February 2017

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On February 6 I went to a frgul fede trip to sadern Mexeco.My favorite thing I lrnd is about cenote.  Ther  is different cinds of cenote a cind of cenote is a open cenote,close cenote and ceme cenot . A noder thing I like is in some of the cenote in front of the cenote ther is a priest and he blessed you before you enter so all your sins go away. Some cenote have stalactite, ...

Pedro's post, 31 January 2017

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is amazing it has rock shapes, animals, plan. The Rock shapes are amazing some rocks are round and balance on each other. The animals ther are dig horn shep,wofs,birds and lirzard. The plants are amazing the best now plant is the the Joshua tree and a cactus. I can’t believe how much things are in Joshua  Tree National ...

Pedro's post, 27 January 2017

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I'm The three little savages😎😎😎 One a upon time There was three little savages there nemes were Jayce sebastion and J.t  they  were throw rocks at a window and ring the doorbell  and ran they made a lot of trouble and almost got arrested because they did graffiti and need to pay a fine.

Pedro's post, 20 January 2017

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The Inauguration was awesome all the spechs it was awesome. My feelings are happy and I like the new president.🇺🇸🇺🇸

Pedro's post, 16 December 2016

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I love that l maybe a picture for my family and me I love my picture even if my mom or dad came.

Pedro's post, 08 December 2016

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The water princess inspired me to not just think about me and I should think about other and helped them and not just me