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Sebastian's post, 23 March 2017

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The most interesting thing I heard was that a teacher got in a barrel a went down the waterfall in Niagra Falls. Also another interesting thing was that a tightroper tightroped and made it. He tightroped on the boarder of Canada to the bouder of The United States. My most favorite part of the Skype was when he said Falcons could travel at the speed of 75 to 80 miles per hour.

Sebastian's post, 08 February 2017

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At Yellow Stone National Park we learned that backteara use’s different kinds of chemicals to create energy. Also we learned that when Grizzly bears hibernate they don’t even go to the bathroom. Also one fact about Grizzlies is that during winter their heart beats every 40 seconds. Did you also now when gisers shot into the air its about as high as a 10 story building. There are ...

#Geoshow Virtual Trip

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 First we went into the cenote’s and saw Stalactites and Stalagmitesand also Colums. Stalactites are like icicles but made of limestone. Stalagmites are made of water dripping from the ceiling. Colums are made up of Stalagmites and Stalactites touching each other. Also we learned about mangroses. Mangroses are trees that give live birth! Finally, Hierve El Agua means boiling ...

Sebastian's post, 31 January 2017

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Joshua Tree National Park is a place where you can explore to find old gold mines and animals and all sorts of other abandoned places. You can find these places by driving or walking all over the place.Also at Joshua Tree National Park you can find Mountains and monglithests.

Sebastian's post, 20 January 2017

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The reactions that I have from watching Donald Trump become our president is amazing because I never knew that all of the people who were important would have to be there to see him become our president. Also one more reaction I have is that it is amazing how long Donald Trump can say a wonderful speech.

Sebastian's post, 08 December 2016

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                 The Water Princess 

    The water princess inspired me to help the people who don't have food or water. I want to help them because I don't want...

Sebastian's post, 14 November 2016

Sebastian 1 Comment(s) Global Read Aloud

You should read the book Pax because it has a lot of action in it because Peter is trying to find Pax right after he threw Pax into the woods because his father said so. Also you should read it because there are lots of animals and people to change the story to make tough decisions. The book Pax reminds me of the book called Choose Your Own ...

Sebastian's post, 03 November 2016

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One challenge I have feared was the dark because I played this horrible game called Five Nights At Freddys and it was these monsters that hunts you down and I got this game when I was five on my moms phone. I lost power and Freddy jump scared me and that made me scared of the dark because I would imagine they are eating me. Then when I was ...

Sebastian's post, 02 November 2016

Sebastian 1 Comment(s) Math


Billy has 25 dollars to spend at the museum. He wants 1 inflatable shark, also a kaleidoscope because he likes different colors that look like diamonds, and finally he wants a wooden dinosaur model kit. He goes to the cashier and says I want these please. He gave her the money and the receipt came out and it looked like this.......item 1. ...

Sebastian's post, 28 October 2016

Sebastian 1 Comment(s) Global Read Aloud

The costs of war can be losing a arm, a leg, or your life. Also the costs of war can be pretty painful because you could lose your money because if your in a bad condition, losing your memory, and also losing your bones and forgetting all of your favorite kinds of food or forgetting all of your favorite kinds of things to do except being a ...